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What makes a good chair ?

What makes a good chair ?

Well, there are lots of factors to what makes a chair comfortable or suitable. Many of these relate to the quality of the components used, including the foam and fabric.

Whilst many chairs look the same – they can be worlds apart where it matters. We only select chairs (even at the budget end) that we feel will accurately reflect the price and designed use of the chair.
Below are guidelines as to what you should look for when purchasing your next office chair.

Back support

A good office chair with proper back support will improve your posture and therefore eliminate or reduce back pain and stiffness. This should have a good shape to it and reflect the natural posture of your body.


The padding and design of the seat should be considered. The front of the seat should have a shaped or waterfall front edge. A straight horizontal front will cut off circulation to the rear of your knees. A good rule of thumb is that you should be able to slide your fingers between the inside of legs and the front edge of the seat.

Width of the seat and armrests

You need to fit into the chair. If you have to squeeze into the chair then it does not fit, no matter how comfortable it may seem once you are seated. Most chairs are made to suit most sizes of people – but for those with more generous proportions, you should choose a chair with side adjustable arms. There should be room between the armrests and your body. A good office chair will have adjustable armrests. Chairs need to be easily adjustable and comfortable to use. Quality armrests can help with tasks like reading and writing, and taking pressure and tension off the neck and shoulders. Users with small builds often can get closer to the desk with elbow supports, or shorter arms (on the chair not the person!)

Height Adjustments

Some people are tall – some are not so your office chair must have a height adjustment. The rule of thumb is to adjust your office chair and to promote good posture are that your thighs should be horizontal to the ground while both feet are on the ground and wrists should be straight while typing

If you cannot find an office chair height that allows both of the above (if very tall or very short), you may want to find a way to alter the height of your keyboard so that you can have straight wrists while typing. Your body should then be aligned properly with the chair and the floor. We can also fit shorter or higher gas lifts if necessary at the time of manufacturer on some chairs.


Your chair must be stable. It may be amusing for your colleagues to see you fall off your chair, but you could really hurt yourself.


When choosing your chair make sure that you choose one that fits your needs. It’s no good having a chair that looks great, but is not right for the use if you are spending 12 hours a day in it and it ends up giving you a bad back.

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